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Schedule for Appointments and Information:

Monday to Saturday from 9am to 5pm

Our venues

Hacienda Ilusión has eight majestic spaces that can be rented individually or together. Our experts in planning and logistics will help you decide which areas are ideal to make your celebration unforgettable.


Salón Ilusión

An exquisite interior environment, full of high-level details, it has an enclosure that measures 60 ’x 40’ with air conditioning and is ideal for formal festivities and business presentations. Includes kitchen and bathrooms and access by elevator and stairs.


Terraza El Yunque

Betted on the second level of the Estate, it is appropriate for cocktails and events with a more informal atmosphere occupying a 22 ’x 204’ space. Its best attribute is the majestic view of El Yunque and the entire Estate.


Patio Central

Plain of grass (260 ’x 160’) perfect for celebrations in which greater width is required. Your guests will be fascinated by the great view of the mountains of the eastern part of Puerto Rico and the Potrero


Terraza Rio Blanco

This terrace that offers a space of 22 'x 216', is located on the second level of the Estate and includes, in the foreground, the view of the Rio Blanco reservoir. It is perfect to combine it with the Illusion Terrace and the El Yunque Terrace for an event of 300 people or more.


Terraza Caballerizas

This cozy and magical area inside the paddock is used for cocktails. With ample spaces, it measures 23’ x 58’ and from the front it has a view towards the Central Patio and on the other side the Illusion Patio.


La Cava Ilusión

Its intimate atmosphere with a capacity of 40 people makes this space the perfect place to celebrate events with few guests, such as wine tastings, dinners, rehearsal dinner, bridal showers, etc.


Terraza Ilusión

Located on the second level of the Estate and with access through the two main stairs or the Illusion Salon. Its best attribute is the majestic view of El Yunque and the Río Blanco reservoir. It comprises an area of ​​60 ’x 60’ and can be taken part of with a tent.


Patio Ilusión

Majestic space in grass (560 ’x 120’) between the Rio Blanco reservoir, El Yunque and overlooking the Terraces, Potreros and the Illusion Room.

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