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Hacienda Ilusión

It is based on the illusion to create unforgettable moments. This is the precise essence of Hacienda Ilusión: to be the place where events full of illusion which remain in the memory forever are held.


Its privileged location makes it the perfect venue for a social or corporate event. It is a paradise enclosure that is located just 40 minutes from the metropolitan area. Its majestic structure of evident influence of the Morista architecture has a fantastic view of El Yunque, as well as the meadows of the town of Naguabo and the Río Blanco reservoir.

There are multiple spaces that are lent to perform the most varied types of events, which can be used together or individually. The paddock, ideal for a thematic and more casual party; the backyard, a plain that reveals one of the most beautiful views of Puerto Rico that works for bridal ceremonies; and the cava, covered with cedar wood, has an evident European atmosphere where intimate dinners, corporate meetings and tastings can be held.


ts first level houses a magnificent stable that is characterized by its arches that make up vaults that transport visitors to the large estates of southern Spain. The central courtyard works perfectly to also make any celebration. Its very green lawn invites you to enjoy nature while memorable moments are lived.


A majestic pair of stairs leads to the second level, from which you can see an impressive 360-degree view of the prairies and surrounding forests. The terraces allow you to enjoy that unique gift that nature offers. Separate line deserves the Illusion Hall. High ceilings, an impressive window that delights the senses by allowing access to the outside and a palatial structure characterizes the enclosure. Its architectural appeal and ample space perfectly complement any decorative assembly.

The Great Hall is located on the second floor, spacious and grandiose in every sense of the word. Imagine a corporate lunch, a wedding dinner, or an anniversary cocktail surrounded by breathtaking views.


It is a paradise that is preceded by family and festive tradition, perfect both for a large private banquet and for a wedding, or corporate event of great level.


In Hacienda Ilusión we count on security, ample parking and power plants.

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